Best SEO Tips for Organic Traffic

Here are some best SEO tips to get real and organic traffic. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and this is the method of getting organic or natural traffic from search engines. These are useful SEO tips to help you rank better in search engines.

Content is King

All search engines like that sites which provide high quality and unique content. So the content is the King of your website. Google, yahoo and other search engines like fresh content and they also like constantly updating and adding new content in the websites. Search engine recommends that you should write over 500 word and high quality content of your article or post. Try to avoid write 250 – 300 words of your post or article.

Optimize Images

You should have to use ALT tags in your image tags and use your keywords in there. Optimize your images with ALT tags and titles this will show to search engine that what image is all about. If you are using wordpress there are some plugins to make this process automate or you can use any standalone software.


Must use your keyword phrase(s) in your post or article url. You can separate your phrases by adding hyphens (-) in your permalinks. Also avoid stop words in your permalink or website url this, that, but, at, be, for, he, she like, who, how, was. If you are using the latest version of wordpress that is doing it automatically. Mean latest version of wordpress adding hyphens (-) in url and also excluding words which I mentioned above.

Meta Tags

Length of meta tags or description should be 155 words. Because meta description helps to search engines to understand what posts are about so this is very important for SEO. And the most important thing that use your keywords in meta description this will be effective on searches.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is most important element. Don’t fill your articles with keywords, your key word density should be anywhere from 2 – 5%. If keyword density in your article is 2%, its mean that for every 100 words your keyword should show up 2 times. You should have to use tools for checking density of keywords to make your article seo friendly.

Optimize Your Site Speed

Your website speed should be optimized. Try to keep size of your web page less than 100k. don’t use any extra elements in your page and also remove unnecessary scripts from there. Google is offering a tool for test page speed you can use that to check your website speed and that will also let you know that how to optimize you site to increase the speed.

These tips will be helpful for you to make your website more efficient, must leave your comments below.

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